The Music Scenario Today

It’s no longer business as usual in the Music Industry today: the era of the cursed singer and colorful rock bands is over. Romance is lost and the Industry is a money-making machine more ruthless than ever before.

In a cut-throat scenario with supply greater than demand things got tough and music is no longer a kind-hearted’s game.
From youtube’s latest trend to the talent shows’ teenager invasion, the audience is barraged with new sounds and images everyday.
But what about talent? In a world that doesn’t really care for art, it’s all about numbers.
If you still go to the local shop to discover new artists and buy CD’s and Vinyls, you have to move ahead and step into the digital world. I’m sorry to break it to you, but actual recordings are either dead or in agony. You might have heard that new music can be downloaded from the internet, sometimes even legally… So is this it? Is this the answer to keeping up to date? No! That’s not cool anymore either! In a time when children learn to say Google before mommy, everything is internet related and music is not an exception. Today we have a big “cloud” that follows us everywhere, but instead of precipitating water on our heads, it casts Gigabytes of information into our ever-present internet devices. So, services like Spotify, Pandora and iTunes Radio overload our cellphones and tablets bandwidth with all the music we could ever dream of, while charging us just a fraction of the cost.
It all sounds great to the casual listener but what does it mean for the Industry itself?
Small artists have paid the highest price with not being able to sustain themselves anymore.
It took the major labels almost a decade to embrace the new way and, within this period, the registered money-loss was huge. Many small entities went bankrupt and many professionals found themselves unemployed.
In a world that moves as fast and as cheap as a click on a computer keyboard, only the quickest and cheapest offer can survive.
Today’s almost endless possibilities, despite giving more people the opportunity to make their own music, killed real talented artists’ music. And with the majority of people not being able to distinguish talent from trash, the Industry’s Kings did what any wise and ruthless monarch would: killed the pawns for their private interests. Unfortunately, when lustful girls sell more than great voices and explicit songs more than poetry, the artistic side of music is doomed.
It’s depressing to observe how music has turned into a business machine that only aims at earning the most while spending as little as possible.
Single artists, as well as music labels, in order to sell, have to outshine and finish off every possible competitor, from the famous singer’s new top hit to the cute kid that sings on youtube, by circulating the biggest rumor. Unfortunately a better record doesn’t make the difference at all.
Today it’s not about artists, it’s about products, everything is planned in advance and talent isn’t the key anymore.


About Drew

Drew is a Singer, Composer, Sound Engineer, Music Producer and a Writer. He’s always been involved in some kind of art, from visual arts to sound designing.
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