Wanna know how to generate Massive Online Buzz? Ask Beyoncé!

Reaching out to people has always been every artist’s concern. How to draw people’s attention? Today, with the Internet and Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter a lot of things have changed. So if you want to promote yourself the right way you can follow these 7 steps Mindscape is talking about or follow some great marketing example… This year the pop sensation Beyoncé did a great job by releasing on Thursday night a surprise album on iTunes. Everyone was impressed and her work received a lot of praise from other pop stars.
Billboard reports the singer’s new album as being a great success with over 550k copies sold by Saturday night in the U.S. and later on it destroys iTunes Sales Record.
In a statement, the music queen explained her decision to make what she is calling a “visual album”.

“I see music. It’s more than just what I hear”

Read and see more about Beyoncé’s new release here.


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